About Us

Transparent Value LLC (“Transparent Value”) was established in 2003 as an asset management and financial services company seeking to enable investors to see the market clearly by introducing a transparent new way to invest. We have a highly differentiated and disciplined investment approach that seeks to combine the benefits of both active and passive investing. We have accomplished this by partnering with S&P Dow Jones Indices to create the Transparent Value IndicesSM, which rely on Transparent Value’s proprietary Required Business Performance® Methodology in their construction.

Our product, the Required Business Performance® (RBP®) Methodology, seeks to uncover the meaning behind stock prices. By using the current stock price as the primary input in its analysis, the RBP® Methodology works backwards to determine the likelihood management will deliver the Required Business Performance to support the stock price. We believe that knowing this also allows us to determine the likelihood that investors' systematic behavioral biases have caused misalignment between the stock price and management’s ability to deliver.

The RBP® Institute is the investment advisory division of Transparent Value. Its goal is to provide both investment professionals and individual independent investors with the tools to reveal the meaning of current stock prices. The RBP® Institute also serves a portal for access to RBP® Analysis Platform (RAP), an interactive database and decision support tool. The platform includes access to RBP® analysis of over 2000 global stocks and 1800 mutual funds, ETFs, UITs and closed-end funds. It also houses proprietary stock research, market analysis and information about Transparent Value investment products and indexes.