Simply type in a stock ticker to view the RBP scores for thousands of stocks. Alternatively, type in a fund or ETF ticker to see the RBP score for thousands of mutual funds and ETF’s.
RBP® Analysis Platform
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  • Introduction : RBP® Analysis Platform

    The RBP® Analysis Platform provides advisors with the answer to the question "Can it be done?" For each stock, the platform provides the Required Business Performance® to support the stock price as well as the likelihood management will deliver this performance – the company’s RBP® Probability – and the likelihood it will fail to deliver this performance – the Behavioral Risk Indicator. It also provides weighted average RBP® Probabilities for a large universe of mutual funds, ETFs, closed-end funds, variable annuity funds and common market indexes, giving advisors a transparent new way to approach portfolio management.

  • RBP® Stock Ratings

    The RBP® Stock Ratings section provides in-depth RBP® analysis to over 2,200 stocks. From this menu, the user can retrieve each company’s Required Business Performance®, RBP® Probability, Behavioral Risk Indicator and even product-level RBP® components.

  • RBP® Market Indicators

    The RBP® Market Indicators section displays the weighted average RBP® Probabilities and weighted average Behavioral Risk Indicators of major market indexes.

  • RBP® Fund Ratings

    The RBP® Fund Ratings section is the advisor’s source for obtaining data from Transparent Value’s proprietary fund rating system. It displays weighted average RBP® Probabilities and weighted average Behavioral Risk Indicators of more than 2,100 third party open-end mutual funds, exchange traded funds and closed- end funds.

  • My Watchlists

    A popular feature of the RBP® Analysis Platform is its watchlist function. In this section, users can input a list of stocks, indexes and funds to follow. Users can input an entire portfolio if desired, and monitor the RBP® Probabilities of the portfolio’s components.